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Love is in the air

I like to see him everyday, i like his smile and everything but when I knew that he will go how I wish that he will stay… I’m glad to see him happy even though his happiness is not because of me. Its better to see him than NOTHING. I’ll just sacrifice the days that I see you with another girl that I wish that it was me..

Why do we need to sacrifice for LOVE? And why do I want  to make that person happy but at the end, I’m still the one who will be hurt. Love isn’t love when you do something. so is this love? I did everything for him but what is my return? Do I need to wait? Wait until  the day he will be taken? -_-  Should I be true to myself that I’m not the girl for him? Or should I say the truth to him that I have loved him . I don’t care if I’ll be hurt what I care is that when will I stop doing this? Waiting for the day to say what I feel… I can’t stop thinking, I can’t stop loving.Now it’s Valentines Day. Oh how I wish you will give me something.

I was smiling because I saw you………..

OUCH! I was hurt. I saw him with with the girl but wait you looked at me and smiled and went close to me any said hi. you even made me laugh because of your joke. and I felt love when you stared at me. Oh How lucky I am today <3 

Thanks to Valentines Day!

You made my day! I learned a lesson . I should be myself and be who I really am.

And I learned to love my self more that him.. 



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